Investment Solutions

Investment Philosophy

We believe these elements are conducive to reliable investment returns and low drawdowns.

Technical Analysis

We favor the best assets and move away from volatility and into slower non-correlated assets that rise in value during market uncertainty. Our team utilizes a quantitative process combining price, cycles, and market sentiment to make investment decisions.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is an essential part of an investment portfolio. It’s one of the main factors that lead to overall returns. Knowing what and when to hold assets like stocks, bonds, currencies, or cash is a dynamic and powerful skill that we do differently than most.

Risk Management

Risk management is identifying, analyzing, and accepting or mitigating uncertainty in investment decisions. By understanding an asset’s risks, we take the appropriate action (or inaction) with positions to match our investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Actionable Investment Recommendations & Portfolio Solutions

Fully allocated model portfolios designed to take the guesswork out of investing.

CGS – Consistent Growth Strategy:

This strategy is the most efficient and profitable ETF investing strategy we offer. It’s an ETF strategy that seeks consistent long-term growth with below-average portfolio volatility.

CGS helps investors and financial advisors outperform by solving the major investment issues of bear markets and replacing the role bonds once played in a portfolio. It seeks to achieve this investment objective by investing in the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, US Treasuries, Dollar Index, and T-Bill ETFs relevant to The Technical Traders’ investment theme of protecting capital and holding only assets rising in value.

Its tactical asset allocation navigates market advances and declines using a combination of dividends, growth, bonds, currency, and inverse exchange-traded funds. Under abnormal market circumstances, up to 100% of strategy allocation will be in a defensive cash position. A maximum of three open positions are held, and 5-12 trades per year.

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BAN – Best Asset Now:

The Best Asset Now (BAN) Sector Rotation Strategy uses a proprietary selection process that seeks explosive growth during stock market rallies. BAN actively swing-trades sector and index ETFs and will reduce exposure during market corrections relevant to The Technical Traders’ theme of protecting capital.

It holds the three hottest sector ETFs during stock market rallies. The BAN trading system revolves around technical analysis, momentum, stage analysis, and market sentiment.

We manage positions using position sizing and tactical asset allocation with index, sectors, and commodities ETFs. Under abnormal market circumstances, up to 100% of the strategy could be a cash position. A maximum of five open positions are held, and approximately 25 trades per year. 

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OTS – Options Trading Signals:  

Options Trading Signals focuses on selling options with a combination of high-quality educational and actionable trade ideas. With 70-90% expected winners and roughly 10 – 25 trades signal per month. OTS is for a more advanced option trader with a level-3 trading account. Strategies are non-directional, utilizing spreads, straddles and strangles, pre-earnings calendars, VIX/VXX, TLT trades, and our proprietary strategies.

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