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How We Trade & Invest

Asset revesting, a proactive investment technique used by Revesters, entails only holding assets that are appreciating in value and selling investments that are beginning to decline. Using an asset hierarchy and ranking system, Revesters then reinvest their cash into assets that are either beginning a new uptrend or are currently trending higher.

This superior investing strategy is not only the most efficient and lowest-risk way to invest with Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), but it is also the most profitable. Engineered for sustainable long-term growth, the Consistent Growth Strategy (CGS) outperforms in all market conditions, profiting even during bear markets.

With low portfolio volatility and high-profit potential, CGS takes the guesswork and hope out of investing, bringing together a fully allocated ETF portfolio that’s not just smart but also as efficient as possible. Our unparalleled free automated trading service, exclusive to CGS, ensures seamless strategy execution in your self-directed brokerage account without you having to lift a finger. And don’t worry – if you want to follow our signals and place the trades yourself, you can do that too. All CGS subscribers receive our trade alerts via email and mobile app.

CGS is the solution that investors and financial advisors have been seeking. It outperforms by addressing the major investment issues of both bear markets and fluctuating bond prices affected by interest rate changes in a portfolio. CGS grows retirement account values by investing capital exclusively in the strongest asset, rising in value at any given time, like the stock indexes, US Treasuries, Dollar Index, or a defensive cash position.

This innovative Multi-Asset Revesting strategy navigates market advances and declines utilizing a potent combination of dividends, growth, bonds, currency, and inverse exchange-traded funds. In times of market instability, CGS can strategically allocate up to 100% of the portfolio in a defensive cash position, further protecting your capital from multi-year recessions.

(DWY – Done With You) Follow Our ETF Trades Manually: It’s easy to manage with only 5-12 signals per year, significantly fewer than most other strategies, thus reducing your trading costs and saving you time, but remaining active enough to safely navigate regular fluctuations in the market. Recommended capital between $50K – $5M.

(DFY – Done For You) Have Our Signals Traded For You At No Additional Cost: With CGS, you get maximum gains with minimal effort. Autotrading requires a brokerage account be opened, funded, and activated with our selected broker AutoShares.com, which supports all account types, including IRA, ROTH IRA, and 401K. Technical Traders Ltd. provides investing signals only and does not manage money. Autotrading is executed in your account for you by the broker.

We believe these elements are conducive to reliable investment returns and low drawdowns.

Technical Analysis

We favor the best assets and move away from volatility and into slower non-correlated assets that rise in value during market uncertainty. Our team utilizes a quantitative process combining price, cycles, and market sentiment to make investment decisions.

Revesting Signals

Our ETF investing signals are simple to follow for self-directed investors, or you can have them autotraded for you in your brokerage account. The trade signals, complete with entry and exit prices, are sent in the evening and should be executed at the opening bell the following day.

Risk Management

Risk management is identifying, analyzing, and mitigating uncertainty in our investment decisions. By understanding an asset’s risks, we can take the appropriate action with positions to match our investment objectives and risk tolerance.

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