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A Tactical Swing Trading Strategy To Harness Time Decay

We believe the keys to a successful options trading system are consistency, discipline, and understanding of the primal forces that make options a viable investment strategy. We follow price trends using technical analysis and control risk through position management. The primary profit engine of our Options Trading approach is Theta (also known as time decay). We feel this strategy is for those who have the time and desire to spend learning how to execute faster-paced trades efficiently.

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Options Trading Signals – OTS:

The OTS Swing Trading Strategy is our probability-based approach that brings you the power of options trading. Each type of market condition demands a specific strategy; thus, OTS provides and teaches the best options strategy for each. Learn to use the inevitable passage of time to reduce risk and produce consistent gains over the long run.

Our trading focuses on both buy and sell options with a combination of high-quality educational and actionable trade ideas. Learning when to take profits and managing losing trades via rolling positions is vital to becoming consistently profitable. With 70% expected winners and roughly 10 – 20 trades per month, Options trading can move quickly. Our commitment is to never leave you hanging on a trade.

Beyond our trades, we focus on education to give you the ability to find and manage your own trades. If you have questions, we have answers.

Learn How We Can:
– Profit Time Decay
– Create Monthly Income
– Save You Time & Money


  • Trade alerts are sent via email to the member area and the app. Our alerts tell you what and when to enter, take profits, move a stop, or exit.
  • Receive multiple reports and videos each week with charts on the key indexes, sectors, and stocks.
  • Get directional put/call strategies and non-directional strategies targeting 20-100% gains.
  • Live mentoring Q&A webinars twice a month.
  • Our mobile app gives you everything in the palm of your hand, so you always have a pulse on the market and positions.

A conservative options strategy is the way to trade if you want to generate a consistent monthly income. Follow our trades and position management alerts to know exactly what, when, and where to buy and sell options. Let us help you become the successful options trader you know you could be.

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