At The Technical Traders, our team and I have a genuine passion for helping those in need. We believe that our values should always remain steadfast, especially during challenging times.

Our commitment to integrity extends beyond our home office walls and into our communities, where we strive to be leaders who make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Being involved in our communities and giving back is a core part of our identity, and we take great pride in it.

Together, we make a difference.

Sept 2023

Helped Raise $16,407

May 2023

Helped Raise $7,628

April 2023

Helped Raise $1,536

June 2022

Helped Raise $6000

September 2021

Helped Raise $6,888

May 2021

Helped Raise $6,943

January 2021

Helped Raise $9,300

September 2020

Helped Raise $5,500

May 2019

Helped Raise $5,200

October 2018

Helped Raise $10,200

September 2018

Helped Raise $11,00

January 2018

Helped Raise $10,700


Inspired by other 100 Men and Women groups, a team of community-minded Collingwooder’s decided to form 100 Men Who Care in 2017. It was started by seven volunteer founding fathers, including myself (Chris Vermeulen). We support our local communites together and make time to share a pint and a few laughs along the way.

Technical Traders Ltd. Partnered
with to Offer
Free Month of Exam Training to Customers

As a passionate aviator myself, and the founder of Technical Traders Ltd, I understand the vital importance of high-quality training in both the aviation and financial industries. With a large user base of pilots deploying our investment strategies, I am excited to help others reach new heights in the space by offering this valuable resource to our customers.

We are proud to partner with to provide our customers with access to the best-in-class pilot exam training. I believe that by investing in our customers’ education, we can help them achieve their goals and prepare for a more successful future in both aviation, and investing.