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ASSET REVESTING is an industry-breaking investment style that the outdated financial industry does not want you to discover. The authors show how using an asset hierarchy and deploying both risk and position management redefines how to build wealth and solves several financial problems most people don’t even know they have.

This book shows a different way to invest. It sheds new light on the investing world’s hidden realities, risks, and unknown opportunities. It is a must-read for all investors, especially those using a diversified buy-and-hold portfolio. The content will alter your thinking and improve your outlook on investing and life.

• You want higher returns with less stress and lower risk.
• You want to reach your financial goals faster.
• You are worried you will run out of money in retirement.

• Increase your returns by holding only assets rising.
• Achieve your financial goals in years vs. decades.
• Become wealthier vs. poorer in your retirement.

This overview of Asset Revesting is the first step toward freedom. It’s important to note that you won’t find technical analysis or detailed step-by-step strategies here. Instead, you will learn what needs to be changed and how to harness this investing style, either on your own or with the author’s help. This strategy is most efficient with investment accounts in the $100K – $5M range.

The approach tends to irk most financial industry professionals as it’s human nature to dislike any method that breaks free from the “norm,” thus threatening their foundation. Some may even attempt to discredit this style of investing to slow the change that the financial industry and investors desperately need.

TECHNICAL TRADING MASTERY: Unlock the secrets of technical analysis and elevate your trading game in today’s dynamic financial world. This book is essential for anyone committed to tracking and analyzing market behavior precisely and confidently.

Discover the keys to helping you reach your goals of becoming a highly flexible and profitable trader. “Technical Trading Mastery – 7 Steps to Win with Logic, Second Edition” is a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to excel in volatile and stable markets. Expertly blending timeless analysis methods are shared, and essential stock market information makes this book the foundational building block to achieve consistent profits through logical trading indicators, techniques, and psychological tactics.

Readers will be able to copy and start using these strategies the very next day. This exciting resource delves into essential topics, such as market structure, trend detection, volatility, volume, knowing when to trade, position management, and your emotions. Drawing on over two decades of experience, author Chris Vermeulen presents his signature INNER-Market Analysis, which encompasses two strategies: momentum and swing trading.

In this updated edition, you will learn from recent examples and figures and gain an understanding of technical analysis that will excite and set you on the right path toward financial freedom.

Chris Vermeulen, the founder of Technical Traders Ltd., is a renowned expert in investing for a wealthier retirement. Vermeulen also shares his industry-breaking investment style in his other book, “Asset Revesting – How To Exclusively Hold Assets Rising In Value, Profit During Bear Markets, And Continue Building Wealth In Retirement.

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