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Introducing “ASSET REVESTING,” a ground-breaking book that unveils a revolutionary investment strategy the outdated investment industry doesn’t want you to discover. The author, a seasoned financial expert, has meticulously crafted an asset hierarchy system that redefines wealth building, providing a unique investing experience for both individuals and financial advisors, and solves a problem most people didn’t know we had.

In the compelling and insightful style of best-selling business books like “Play Bigger,” “Asset Revesting” delivers a powerful combination of data analysis, real-life examples, and expert insights, to shed light on the hidden realities and opportunities in the world of investing. It’s essential reading for anyone who uses buy-and-hold and diversification to invest in stocks and bonds, with or without an advisor. If absorbed, these shocking realities and opportunities will change how you think, live, and invest.

Technical Trading Mastery, SECOND EDITION,
7 Steps To Win With Logic.

Discover the keys to successful trading with “Technical Trading Mastery – 7 Steps to Win with Logic, Second Edition,” – a comprehensive guide for traders and investors who seek to excel in both volatile and stable markets. Expertly blending timeless analysis methods and crucial ideas, this book provides a foundation for achieving consistent profits through logical trading indicators, techniques, and psychological tactics.

Drawing on over two decades of successful trading experience, author Chris Vermeulen presents his signature INNER-Market Analysis, which encompasses two strategies: momentum and swing trading. Readers will be able to copy and start using these foundational strategies on their own the very next day.

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