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We help individual investors protect their investments from falling in value using our proprietary ETF strategy that only holds assets increasing in value to preserve and reliably grow their accounts.

A tactically managed portfolio can generate superior long-term risk-adjusted returns by rotating capital into trending assets and out of underperforming assets. We deploy capital through our asset hierarchy to the assets with the most significant potential and the lowest downside risk. Thus, tactical rotation provides maximum capital appreciation over time.

We created our proprietary strategies based on an in-depth analysis of the market, sectors, commodities, currencies, and risk/position management.

We provide solutions that profit from market fluctuations through clear and transparent communication.

At Technical Traders, we identify and follow market trends. We safely navigate our investment capital and our clients to new high watermarks.

Decades of technical trading experience and market research guide our philosophy – one that embraces discipline, holding assets rising in value, and protecting our capital.

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What does that mean for you?

We approach portfolio asset allocation with analytic rigor, looking at relative strength amongst asset classes and categories. Thus, your portfolio will hold those that offer the most significant opportunity.

At Technical Traders, you have come straight to the source. Unlike firms that act as retail outlets for investment services, you have arrived at the doorstep of a company and team that investors across 130+ countries trust.

We are technical analysts & investors.

A technical analyst, aka a chartist or market technician, is a securities researcher and trader. To be a technical analyst means we exclusively follow price action, knowing that the only way investors make money is when the price moves in the favored direction.

Our priority at Technical Traders is to provide the most accurate research and investment opportunities for our client’s portfolios. While no one can predict the markets, we study assets, follow trends, and monitor performance so that our decisions are always in your best interest. Our belief in being trustworthy, transparent in communication, and delivering results, has helped us become a highly recommended investment strategy provider.

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