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Our team has more than 55 years of experience navigating the financial markets. Our independent research and industry-breaking asset revesting strategies help individuals retire sooner and continue to become wealthier during retirement vs. poorer.


What does Technical Traders Ltd. provide or do that is different?
We are a financial research newsletter for traders and investors looking for consistent account growth with lower account volatility. We believe in the following asset price action and do not hold onto assets falling in value. We invest differently and the method is called Asset Revesting. We do the research and send you the asset revesting signal details, complete with symbols, allocation, entries, targets, and stop orders.

What is the cost or fee for your services?
We are a subscription service. You pay a flat semi-annual or annual subscription fee to receive our research and trade signals.
CGS Investor six months $1499, annual $2499

How much time will this take to follow and implement?
We are in the business of being efficient and straightforward. If you do nothing more than follow the trade alerts and ignore everything else, it could only take you 30 minutes a month. If you choose to have the Consistent Growth Strategy autotraded in your self-directed account, then once set up, it runs hands-free.

Who can use your services?
If you are an individual investor, corporation, or financial advisor and have a brokerage account that allows you to trade US equities (ETFs), then you can benefit from our service. If you scroll to the top left of this page and click the round icon beside it, then you can see how we can help you as an individual investor or financial advisor.

Do I need to be a US resident to use your services?
No, we have individual investors, advisors, family offices, and investment clubs in over 130 countries. You just need to be able to trade US Equities (ETFs) in your account to use our revesting signals.

How does autotrading work?
Glad you asked. We have all the details provided on this page. I will note that Canada does not allow autotrading at this time, but the autotrading broker we use provides autotrading in over 60+ countries, including the USA and Australia. Learn More.

Do you have testimonials from clients?
Yes, we have hundreds of reviews from over the years, and here are more recent testimonials from an independent service. Learn More.

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