Automated Investing

Let automated investing generate consistent growth so you can enjoy the finer things in life.

Designed for individuals like yourself who want to generate more income and growth while reducing your portfolio volatility and allowing you to profit from rising and falling stock, bond, and US dollar values.

Simply put, we offer an automated investing system with your best interests in mind. The Consistent Growth Strategy (CGS) has been developed, traded, and refined for the past 26 years. We built this strategy for our capital and have our money invested in it.

Our focus is to grow our accounts and yours while controlling downside risk consistently. We do not believe that holding assets falling in value is an investment but rather a risk.

Let the autotrade system trade in your self-directed account and free you from the stress, time, and difficulty of trying to do it yourself.

Compatible Self Direct US Equities Trading Account Types:
Individual & Corporate Trading Accounts
Partnership, Joint Tenants, Trust, Investment Club
IRA, ROTH IRA, and 401K

You can manually follow each investment signal via email and APP alerts or have your advisor execute the trades for you. Either way, let us do the hard work and provide qualified investment and risk management signals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which services will AutoTrading be available?
Autotrading is only available with the Consistent Growth Strategy (CGS).

Can I trade more than one of my accounts with a subscription?
If you have multiple brokerage accounts, like an individual self-directed and an IRA, one CGS subscription will trade all of your accounts.

Can you autotrade in the brokerage account I have already?
We will be using the brokerage as they specialize in AutoTrading, which is available in many countries. USA and Australia are two of them. Unfortunately, due to regulations, it is not available for Canadians, eh!

What if I have retirement accounts with other brokerages?
You would have to open an account with AutoShares and transfer your funds, ROTH, Taxable Trust, and or Traditional IRA, over to them.

Why do The Technical Traders need to use
TheTechnicalTraders or its staff are not registered financial advisors, we do not manage assets. Instead, our strategy will get executed in your self-directed trading account, for which you give the broker autotrading permission to execute the strategy for you. They do offer all the typical account types of accounts like an individual, IRA, 401k, joint, corporate, trusts, and more.

What are the costs involved?
There will be no additional fee from The Technical Traders to set up or use AutoTrading. has no monthly fee or trade commission. However, there is an autotrading fee per trade execution of $4.95 USD. For example, a completed trade from open to close will have between 2-4 trades executed for a total cost range of $9.90 to $19.80 USD (entry, close) or (entry, target 1, target 2, close).

What type of account do I open to trade CGS?
If you are an individual investor, then you could open an individual self-directed margin account to trade US equities. If you are transferring over a retirement account, then you will need to open a similar type of account and you will need to confirm with

How does AutoShares gain permission to execute trades in my account? will have an AutoTrading agreement you will sign during the process that will allow them to execute trades on your behalf in your account. 

How will CGS trade instructions work with respect to the percentage of account value used for funding positions?
You will select what allocation amount you want to be traded with the strategy during your brokerage account setup. If you select 100%, then all of the funds in the account would be used. Please note the process is online and digital, and if you have any questions or concerns, you must contact for support with anything related to your brokerage account.

Will the CGS Trades be fully executed in my AutoTrading account?
Yes. We will send the complete details of each trade, including when to buy, position allocations, profit targets, stops, and exits.

How do I set up and start AutoTrading?
Subscribe to our CGS strategy.
Click the green button at the top right of to Open an Account.
Accounts are generally approved, and login information is provided within two business days for individual investor margin accounts. During the process, you will select our newsletter CGS Strategy from a dropdown, and you will select what allocation amount you want to be traded with the strategy. If you select 100%, all the funds in the account will be used. Please note the process is online and digital, and if you have any questions or concerns, you must contact for support with anything related to your brokerage account.

Suppose something goes wrong with the system; it messes up and performs a series of crazy trades on my account – could that happen?
Our system is not like a robot firing off trades, with no human interaction or oversight. I personally send every aspect of each trade to the broker, and they execute them in the client’s accounts.

What happens if there is a flash crash – will your system have stops and safeguards in place so that if the market does something crazy, my risk will be limited?
We have protective stops in place on every trade. If the market starts to fall sharply, we will get stopped out instantly. Please be aware that in all trading, some risk is involved. To leave room for price fluctuations, stops are initially set a small percentage away from the entry price. This allows for minor market corrections and protects investors if something like a flash crash occurs.

What assurance and security do I have that you won’t withdraw money from my account?
I do not have access to your account as it is your self-directed personal account. I don’t manage money, I simply send my trades to the broker, and they execute in your account.

Who do I reach out to if I have any questions?
CGS Strategy-related questions:
Brokerage account-related questions:

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