About Technical Traders

We help financial advisors and wealth managers protect their investments from falling in value using our proprietary ETF portfolio that only holds assets increasing in value to preserve and reliably grow their accounts.

We created our proprietary strategy based on an in-depth analysis of the market, sectors, commodities, currencies, volatility, and risk/position management.

Through clear communication, we provide an all-in-one portfolio that profits from market fluctuations, turns bear markets to our advantage, and achieves both your and your client’s goals and needs.

At Technical Traders, we don’t follow the same old tired, and somewhat discredited investment strategies that can no longer be relied upon for consistent growth. Instead, we lead and safely navigate advisors and our investment capital to new high watermarks using strategic, technical analysis.

Decades of technical trading experience and market research guide our philosophy, which embraces a disciplined approach of only holding assets rising in value and always protecting capital. We believe there are times when only specific assets should be held and other times when cash is the wisest position.

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What does that mean for you?

Our focus is to help make your life as a Financial Advisor more efficient, enjoyable, and profitable. Our goal is to help you achieve outstanding results across the board, from market-beating returns to client retention to an increase in referrals. Our aim is to help you become a more confident and reliable resource to your clients and colleagues.

We are technical analysts & investors.

A technical analyst, also known as a chartist or market technician, is an asset researcher and trader. To be a technical analyst means we exclusively follow price action, knowing that the only way we all make money is when the price moves in the favored direction. 

Our priority at Technical Traders is to provide the most accurate research and investment opportunities for your client’s portfolios. While no one can predict the markets, we study assets, follow trends, and monitor performance so that the decisions we make are in everyone’s best interest. Always. Our focus on earning trust, delivering results, and communicating has helped us become a highly recommended investment strategy provider since 2001.

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