BAN- Best Asset Now

BAN A Tactical Sector Trading Strategy To Outperform

As with all of our strategies, we believe in owning assets that are rising in value exclusively. We do not believe in resting on our laurels while strategies that worked in the past drain investment accounts in the present. We follow price trends using technical analysis and control risk through position management. This strategy is for those with a higher risk tolerance for larger and longer drawdowns but who also want to focus on avoiding corrections and bear markets.

Best Asset Now – BAN:

The Best Asset Now (BAN) Sector Rotation Strategy uses a proprietary selection process that seeks explosive growth during stock market rallies. BAN actively trades sector and index ETFs for consistent, lower-risk growth during market corrections relevant to The Technical Traders’ theme of protecting capital.

Own the three hottest sectors and two index ETFs during stock market rallies. The BAN trading system revolves around technical analysis, momentum, stage analysis, and market sentiment.

We manage this system using position sizing and tactical asset allocation with indexes and sector ETFs. Under abnormal market circumstances, up to 100% of the strategy could hold a cash position. BAN has a maximum of 5-12 signals per year. With five open positions at one time, BAN has between 25-60 individual trades annually.

Learn How BAN Can:
– Grow Your Account
– Own The Hottest Sectors
– Save You Time & Money


  • Trade alerts are sent via email to the member area and the app. Our alerts tell you what and when to enter, take profits, move a stop, or exit.
  • Receive a daily report with charts on the key indexes, sectors, and assets explaining their current trend.
  • Receive a daily 8-15 minute video covering assets in greater detail and Intermarket relationships about how one may affect the other.
  • Access to our technical analysis indicators and know where the stock market is most likely heading today, tomorrow, and next week.
  • Live mentoring Q&A webinars twice a month.
  • Our mobile app gives you everything in the palm of your hand, so you always have a pulse on the market and positions.

Finding and owning stocks primed for explosive growth during bull market rallies is difficult. We cut out the noise. Let us help you grow your account and save time and money with our quality trade and position management alerts so you know exactly what, when, and where to buy and sell.

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