CGS – Consistent Growth Strategy

A Tactical Investment Strategy To Reach and Retain Retirement Status Faster, with Less Risk.

Multi Asset Revesting Signals: We believe in owning assets that are rising in value exclusively. We don’t believe in resting on our laurels while strategies that worked in the past drain investment accounts in the present. We follow price trends using technical analysis and control risk through position management. We feel those with significant wealth, nearing retirement, or enjoying retirement should focus on avoiding corrections, bear markets, and holding stocks or bonds when they are falling in value.

An asset revesting portfolio can generate superior long-term risk-adjusted returns by rotating capital into trending assets and out of underperforming assets. We deploy capital to the asset with the most significant growth potential and lowest downside risk through our asset class hierarchy, thus providing maximum capital appreciation over time.

Because of our core beliefs and strategy, we are well-equipped to navigate whatever the market throws our way. And because we follow price, we never have to try and predict where the price may go. Our trend and risk-controlled strategy identify “when,” “what,” and “how much” to buy or sell.

Consistent Growth Strategy – CGS:

This ETF revesting portfolio seeks consistent long-term growth over two times what the buy-and-hold strategy offers. It does this with below-average portfolio volatility.

CGS will help steer you toward consistent positive returns by solving the major investment issues of bear markets and replacing the role bonds used to play. CGS seeks to achieve this investment objective by investing in the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, US Treasuries, Dollar Index, and inverse ETFs relevant to The Technical Traders’ investment theme of holding only assets rising in value and always protecting capital.

The tactical asset allocation of CGS navigates market advances and declines using a combination of dividend stocks, growth stocks, bonds, currency, and inverse exchange-traded funds. Under abnormal market circumstances, up to 100% of strategy allocation will be in a defensive cash position. A maximum of three open positions are held at a time, with 5-12 trades per year. This strategy can be followed using our trade alerts or autotraded in your self-directed trading account.

Adding an asset revesting strategy like CGS to a portion of your retirement capital will give you time away from your computer to spend with the people you want and to pursue activities you enjoy.


  • Asset revesting signals are sent via email to the member area and the app. Our alerts tell you what and when to enter, take profits, move a stop, or exit.
  • Autotrading, have our signals automatically executed in your account at no additional charge from us.
  • Receive a weekly written report with charts on the key indexes, bonds, and commodities explaining their current trend.
  • Receive an 8-15 minute video covering assets in greater detail and Intermarket relationships about how one may affect the other.
  • Access to our exclusive stock market gauge. Know where the stock market is within its trading and investment cycle.
  • Live mentoring Q&A webinars twice a month.
  • Our mobile app gives you everything in the palm of your hand, so you always have a pulse on the market and positions.
You have spent a lifetime building your wealth. Let an asset revesting strategy help remove the stress of the buy-and-hold rollercoaster ride, and enjoy the time you have left with the ones you love. Let us help you protect, grow, and automate your investment capital.

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