New Account Highs, Up over 10% in 2024

Spicy Cesar Drink On The Dock To Celebrate. Well done everyone!

What an exciting day my community and I have had with our CGS, BAN, and OTS strategies. In all, we reached three – yes, THREE – profit targets!

Our CGS profit targets for SPY and QQQ were hit one right after the other!

Our BAN profit target for QLD was reached shortly after that!

And the OTS trade closed out with a 31%+ profit!

With our stops moved to the respective entry prices, we can now sit back and relax, as there is no way to finish out of the money with these three positions.

It may be like watching paint dry sometimes, but Asset Revesting strategies really do work. Protecting capital and scaling out of trades by managing positions leads to our accounts reaching new all-time high watermarks year after year no matter if stocks rally or collapse.

So, if this is the life you are after…

…then, I highly recommend you learn more right now and copy my trades or have them autotraded for you in your self-directed brokerage account at no additional cost!

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