Will a Strong Rally Follow a Market Bottom

Get ready for the October installment of Chris and David talking all things stock market on The David Lin Report!

Key Questions Asked:

  1. Seasonality-wise, what are you seeing on the charts? Will the stock market gain traction in the coming months?
  2. What are the differences between short and long-term chart patterns?
  3. Where could interest levels go next, and how would that affect the economy and stock market?
  4. What could the bottom be for the S&P 500? If found, is a recovery likely?
  5. What is Chris most bullish on right now?
  6. Does the US dollar usually rally during market volatility?
  7. What is Chris most bearish on right now?
  8. If tech stocks fall, what will the rest of the market do?
  9. When money is moving out of the markets, where does it go?
  10. Why is the precious metals space difficult to trade?
  11. What is Asset Revesting, and how does this style of investing fit between active traders and passive investors?

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