Will a Massive Correction Follow The Recent Stock Market Rally Toward New All-Time Highs?

Tune into the January installment of David and I talking all things stock market, investor sentiment, the likelihood of a prolonged rally or impending correction, and real estate on The David Lin Report.

Key questions and topics David asked me include:

  1. Is the momentum for the S&P 500 still on the upswing or is a major correction imminent?
  2. How is the stock market so good at enticing people to bet on the wrong side?
  3. What technical analysis indicators are the best to use to gain insight into investor sentiment and where the markets may go next?
  4. What does it mean to be a technical analyst? Why aren’t you an event-driven trader?
  5. Do you have open trades with your Technical Investor (TTI), Consistent Growth (CGS), and Best Asset Now (BAN) strategies at the moment?
  6. Are we still in the Stage Three topping complacency phase? How long could this last?
  7. How are you long in the market but with a bearish outlook? Is there any upside to jumping into the market now?
  8. Why do you think the US dollar will do well this year? When the dollar moves, what other assets will be affected?
  9. Is gold trading in an aligned fashion with the stock market? Will there be much volatility in the gold or gold miners this year?
  10. Has your outlook on investing in residential or commercial real estate changed? Why or why not?

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