When The Market Resets, How Long Could It Take For Precious Metals To Rebound?

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Chris and Elijah K. Johnston of Liberty & Finance dive into the topics of Silver, the Fed Pause, Crude Oil, the Nasdaq, and Asset Revesting by discussing the following questions:

  • Where could we be headed with the precious metals space, and silver in particular? Is there potential for a strong and prolonged uptrend? How important are the miners as an indicator of which direction precious metals may go?
  • Is it important to look at different timeframes when using technical analysis tools to determine trend direction?
  • Will Fed pauses affect the overall economy and stock market performance direction?
  • Looking at the monthly crude chart, what will happen if the current support level is broken?
  • What can looking at past pullbacks in the Nasdaq teach us about where we are now and what may happen next? What does ‘natural liquidation’ of the markets mean?
  • What is Asset Revesting? How does this style of investing differ from traditional strategies such as buy-and-hold, diversification, and 60/40 portfolio split?

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Disclaimer: None of this material is meant to be construed as investment advice. It is for education and entertainment purposes only. The video is accurate as of the interview date but may not be accurate in the future.