Reading the charts from Tech to Precious Metals to the US Dollar – Sprott PM Projections

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Chris sits down with Craig Hemke of Sprott Money to talk about the recent moves in tech, investor sentiment, precious metals and the US Dollar index. Through the lens of technical analysis, Chris & Craig discuss the answers to the following questions:

  • Why are tech sector ETFs ripping higher lately? Looking at the charts of SMH, XLK, and ARK ETFs, how does their growth support the Nasdaq vs the S&P 500?
  • How do you measure the ebb and flow of investor sentiment and know where big money is going?
  • How are stock market buy or sell signals correlated to precious metal miners – or are they?
  • The US Dollar Index has fallen a fair bit since its peak about nine months ago, will it break its trend anytime soon? If the USD rallies, how will this affect precious metals and miners?
  • Looking at the monthly chart, the question is whether Gold is going to break to the up or downside. Applying Fibonacci extension to the daily chart, what is the projection for Gold?

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Disclaimer: None of this material is meant to be construed as investment advice. It is for education and entertainment purposes only. The video is accurate as of the interview date but may not be accurate in the future.