Financial Reset In 2024: ‘Everything Will Sell Off’ Except This

Get ready for the December installment of Chris and David talking all things stock market on The David Lin Report!

Also, stay tuned to learn more about an exciting project that Chris is working on that involves climate science and how this information can be shared via entertainment learning.

Key Questions Asked:

  1. The S&P 500 looks like it may end 2023 at a year-to-date high. Do you think a Santa Claus rally will continue to push the S&P 500 higher?
  2. As a chartist, how do you trade with regard to seasonality?
  3. Why are whole number prices important to trading?
  4. Was there anything surprising over the past year?
  5. Is the Russell 2000 heading toward a double top along with the S&P 500?
  6. Is hedging a good idea when there is conflicting data concerning short and long-term views/projections/opinions?
  7. What is the difference between small and large-cap stocks?
  8. If someone handed you a billion dollars, interest-free, and due back in five years, would you take it?
  9. How has gold been moving within the trading day and what does this indicate for future direction? Why are miners and silver struggling to break out to the upside? Is silver overdue for a rocketship-style move?
  10. Will oil recover from the highs earlier in the year?
  11. What are the technicals of the US dollar showing may happen? Will it rip higher and head toward the highs of 2000? What would this mean for precious metals?
  12. What are your least and favourite assets for 2024?
  13. What is Asset Revesting?
  14. Tell us about the Goldilocks Mission you are working on!

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