Are Violent Market Moves On The Horizon?

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Key Questions Asked:

  1. Will the recent momentum in the stock market continue into next year? Or is this more of a rebound before a more significant fall?
  2. Why did yields move so high, and how is it correlated to bonds and the stock market? From a technical perspective, is there any resistance around the July highs?
  3. What may happen when the previous highs are reached in the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq? Can this change the overall sentiment from Bearish to Bullish?
  4. Why having the ability to recalibrate opinions based on price action is key to becoming a good trader or investor. What is the danger of just holding onto positions no matter what?
  5. What is the likelihood that gold will push up to reach and then surpass its previous highs? If the markets collapse, with the value of gold drop as well?
  6. Will the US dollar rally if a financial reset happens? What does the monthly chart tell us?
  7. Looking at the emotions of market participants, are we still in the complacency phase? When was the last time we experienced the anxiety, fear, denial, and capitulation phases?
  8. Is it more important to go for higher returns or protect capital as the number one goal of trading and investing? What is the difference between an active trader and a passive investor? Is there a sweet spot between the two?

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