The Risks Are Extreme – Are you ready for what’s next?

I’ve been trading the markets since 1997, and I’ve never seen anything like what is happening right now. Sure, I’ve seen numerous market events where risks appeared to be excessive, and there were incredible opportunities, but nothing compares to what is happening right now.

My research team has poured through months of data and run our advanced predictive modeling systems. The alignment of major super-cycles, minor cycles, global economic credit expansion, and the COVID-19 virus event, has created a once-in-a-lifetime for traders/investors using our market research and trade signals.

The US Federal Reserve and many global central banks continue to take massive stimulus actions to support the world’s economies while the COVID-19 virus event plays out. The timing of these central bank actions could not have been timed any better, in our opinion, yet we believe the fallout from the global economic collapse is very far-reaching and may last many months or years. Many skilled traders, investors, and analysts have failed to see the bigger picture and how the world may transition from pre virus to a new post virus economic world.

The major and minor super-cycles are a big part of our research and expectations. Far too many people simply don’t know about these cycles and what they mean for future market trends. If they did know about these massive cycle events, their expectations would be completely different than they are now.

A massive super-cycle event is currently taking place that may not end until 2030~35. Minor cycle events have aligned with this super-cycle event that will prompt massive price swings over the next 15+ years. When these cycle events end, another huge market trend will emerge that will be one of the biggest events to happen over the last century.

Right now is when you want to start preparing for these events and these super-cycles. This is truly a once-in-a-life event if you understand what is really happening to the global markets. The opportunities for you and your family are incredible – if you know how to play these cycle events. If you don’t, then you will likely experience extreme difficulty in navigating the next 15+ years successfully.

Please visit to learn more about myself and my team of researchers. We are attempting to help you create massive opportunities from these major cycle/economic events and to help you preserve and protect your wealth.