TTT Scam Alert – BE AWARE!

Hello Traders and Investors, 

It has recently been brought to our attention that a scam is being run using my name. The information we have is as follows:

  • The scam is being run on WhatsApp and is called “The Chris Vermeulen Financial Studies Club.”
  • It is focused mainly on Cryptocurrencies and says that I am an expert in the field.
  • The Dfinity Foundation is mentioned. As is the Dfinity Digital Currency Exchange.
  • Multiple people refer to me as Mr. Chris Vermeulen throughout the text feed.
  • The official website listed opens to an error page.
  • The scam pushes dividend trading.
  • is mentioned as a way to deposit money.

The reality is that:

  • I do not, nor will I ever, run a strategy on WhatsApp.
  • I am not an expert in cryptocurrencies and do not follow them often.
  • My company, The Technical Traders Ltd, is not affiliated with Dfinity.
  • I do not have an admin who would refer to me by my full name, nor would I insist that members do so.
  • I do not think dividend trading is the answer.
  • I run a subscription-based service, and as I am not a licensed financial advisor, I would not, and cannot, advise anyone of a place to deposit money.

If you ever see a service or subscription being run by ‘Chris Vermeulen’, please check in to see if it is valid before signing up by contacting us. You can easily do this by typing into your search engine and then contacting us via phone or the email address provided. 

A good way to spot a potential scam is to hover your mouse over a link and then look to the bottom of your computer. A pop-up will have appeared with the content of the actual link. If this content is very different than what appears on the link itself, this is likely a scam. As an example, you can hover your mouse over my company link, which is below my signature, and what you will see in the pop-up will match the link on the screen.

Chris Vermeulen
Founder and Chief Investment Officer