Total ETF Portfolio – Best ETF To Buy Now

Finally, the creating, testing, fixing, testing, fix….well you get the idea…is done for the new homepage for Technical Traders! It has been a long and very informative process and I give sincere thanks to our subscribers who had a hand in giving us feedback along the way.

Our new homepage is all about our new Total ETF Portfolio. The three ETF trading strategies under the TEP umbrella, as you may know, used to be our TTI, TIBT, and BAN subscriptions. After engaging in a Member feedback drive, my team and I made the decision to combine all three strategies for the same price as one used to cost. And you know what, this change feels GREAT!  Members love it, I love it and my team loves it – who could ask for anything more?!

Now, if you are relatively new to our free research list or you’ve not checked your emails in a while, let me give you a brief look at what each of the different strategies will offer you.

The Technical Investor (TTI):
– best for passive investors with a virtual “set-it-and-forget-it” long-term strategy.

The Technical Index & Bond Trader (TIBT):
– best for active investors who want to know the best Index or Bond ETF to own and also want to be able to apply leverage.

BAN Trader Pro (BAN):
– best for active traders who want a little more action both with trading the best ETFs and more communication from me (in the form of trade alerts, premarket videos, and afternoon reports).

What having access to all three strategies means for you:
– a complete view of the market – where it’s been and where it’s likely to go.
– at least one strategy that will always be in favor and performing well.
– live bi-monthly mentoring sessions to which you are invited to ask questions and learn as much as possible about the strategies, the markets, the charts….well, pretty much anything you wonder about….except how to get marshmallow goo out of hair – can’t help you there!!
– everything from big trend changes to smaller market movements.

I could go on and on about why the Total ETF Portfolio is amazing, but instead, I’ll share with you two links:
– a recent Member review that we posted to our free research blog.
– a recent sneak peek at a weekly Technical Investor video report I send to all TEP subscribers.

I’d like to invite you to take a look at how The Total ETF Portfolio could begin to change your life for the better – let the fun begin!

Chris Vermeulen
Founder –