Top Software All Businesses Should Have

In the modern era, digital assets are no longer a luxury for businesses. They’re necessary for you to compete and survive in an increasingly high-tech age. If you’re a business that’s failed to adapt to the digital world, you’ll find that your market share naturally declines as competitors and startups target your customer base with digital products on digital platforms.

In light of this new way of doing business, this article aims to highlight the top software packages that your business should be running in order to boost productivity and profits in 2020.


First, it’s important that you protect the digital assets that you currently own. On the whole, these include the simple office-based digital assets that you perform basic work on, like word processing and spreadsheets, as well as the data that you possess on your servers. With more devices than ever in our personal digital toolkits, it’s also important that this security covers a range of devices and endpoints. That’s why next-gen endpoint protection is the recommended cybersecurity solution for businesses in the modern era, providing holistic and broad coverage for all the devices you use to run your business.

Data Collection

From the smallest digital stores through to the largest incumbent banks, the digital revolution has seen data become a clear asset in helping respond to consumer needs and planning for a more sustainable future of growth and prosperity. Your data can provide you with insights about your customers, your target consumers, and your market as a whole, if you’re able to crunch the numbers.

To crunch these numbers, you’re going to need software that collects, stores, processes and presents data in an easy format for you to understand and act upon. There are dozens of these software packages out there, but it’s up to you to find the one that suits your business’ needs.

Web Building

All businesses — even personal ones — need a website. It’s here that you’re able to craft your brand’s image, your portfolio of products, and your messaging to the internet as a whole. Without a website, your business is less likely to be found, and less likely to be taken seriously by consumers who are increasingly shopping online. As such, any program or software package that helps you when designing a website, be that through complex code or on a platform like WordPress, can help you build a better business for the future.

Creative Suites

When it comes to marketing, you need to ensure that you’re able to create high-quality content to share with the world around you. There are several free suites of software that can help you edit photos, create simple illustrations, and design posters and flyers.

There are also the paid-for software packages, like Adobe’s Creative Suite, which can help you create high-quality professional content to help market your brand. Your budget will dictate which software you use, but it’s important that you find the one that can help you present your brand in the most professional light.

Use the four software packages outlined above to help your business maintain its advantage in the modern era of digital technology.