Strong Stocks to Take Advantage of Right Now

The thing about stock market trading is that it’s not an exact science. It comes with no guarantees, only intelligent predictions.

However, don’t take that as a reason not to continue building your investment portfolio, as it is well worth the risks involved. We’ve come up with a short but useful guide, which you, as an investor, can turn to in this particularly bearish time. In such a volatile market, minimizing risk is crucial to safeguarding your finances. On top of our guide, you can use advanced stock trading tools that control your profits and losses by predefining stops and limits. Risk management features can lock in profits and prevent losses caused by slippage, providing a certain level of assurance that investors need.

It’s true that we’re in a precarious situation right now. But, like any other phase of stock market cycles, there are still opportunities for huge gains. And you can do this by taking advantage of these strong stocks:

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT)

Abbot Laboratories is currently very popular among experts. This is because the Illinois-based medical devices firm is on the frontlines of the pandemic, hoping to roll out mass diagnostic testing for the virus by June. Abbott Labs is a bigger name in the US, which is why its stocks are soaring over other homegrown biotech firms like Mesa Biotech and Cepheid, both of whom have also received FDA approvals for their ‘point-of-care’ diagnostics.

Apple (NYSE: AAPL)

Apple continues to report strong shares this quarter even with its retail stores closed. But it’s not because of iPhone sales, which have been mediocre at best over the last few years. Instead, its gains are attributed to the services provided by the tech giant. These include Apple Music, App Store, iCloud, and Apple Pay, all of which are proving to be useful amidst stay-at-home orders.

Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD)

Most consumers may be unaware of what Advanced Micro Devices offers, but their products are in most computers today. AMD is reporting strong growth partly due to the rise in number of people working from home. The demand for motherboards and microprocessors that are in computers are expected to grow alongside the number of telecommuters.

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)

Netflix shares recorded an all-time high on Wednesday, with the company now worth $187.3 billion — just slightly above Disney’s market capitalization. It’s no surprise, given that the streaming service is keeping many people busy at home. Experts predict that Netflix will continue to dominate streaming platforms in the next few months, which makes it a very attractive stock to buy.

Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC)

Even healthcare professionals are telecommuting. This, virtual healthcare, is the kind of service that Teladoc Health offers. The company recently reported revenue of $180 million for the first quarter of the year, an increase of $8 million from their previous standing. It’s easy to see why as telemedicine is becoming indispensable during this time, given that hospital resources are scant and people are not allowed to leave their homes.

The bottom line is that there are stock options that are clearly better than others at this time. The demand for healthcare as well as tech and entertainment products and services will continue to rise for the foreseeable future, making these companies your best picks right now