Panic in Precious Metals market: a good sign? Watch Chris on Sprott’s Weekly Wrap Up

It’s been a rough start for precious metals in 2021, but lower prices and strong fundamentals make a case for buying the physical dip. This week, host Craig Hemke sits down with Chris Vermeulen of to break down all the gold and silver news you need to ride the bull all the way to the end. In this edition of the Weekly Wrap Up, you will hear:

  • Why Gold isn’t Bitcoin—and why that’s a good thing
  • What the bond market is trying to tell us
  • Plus: How to use technical analysis in uncharted territory

“It’s been a pretty choppy start. Obviously, it started out with a bang, but now we’ve got the new stimulus plan getting digested in the markets today, and that is definitely playing a toll. When we look at the equities market, it was getting a little weak in the knees the last couple of days. The short-term sentiment and indicators were kind of saying, hey, the stock market’s ready for a bit of a pullback to the 20-day moving average. That’s where the SP 500 is hitting today…”

Click the player below to hear Chris’s thoughts on this week’s gold and silver price action

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