Technical Traders are using the BAN Hotlist triggers with huge success using regular ETFs, Leverage ETFs, and Options

Even though our BAN Trader Pro strategy and systems have just been released to members, the early price rotation in 2021 has shown how powerful it can be.  Early 2021 BAN Hotlist triggers, used as extra trading signals for members, have caught some incredible early success recently.

Depending on your style of trading and risk tolerance,
you can trade the regular sector ETFs, or Leveraged ETFs, or Trade Options.

The BAN Trader Pro system allocates trading capital into four high momentum ETFs with each new leg up in the stock market that meets the BAN trigger setup.  This allows BAN Trader Pro members to capitalize on the strongest sectors presenting the highest BAN momentum ranking.  We are able to target stronger trends with reduced draw-downs and risks by focusing on the best assets to own (BAN: Best Asset Now) and trading only the best assets when proper alignment between the market and these momentum sector BAN setups occur.

How to Benefit Using BAN Trader Pro Hotlist

One of the best-added values for our BAN Trader Pro members is the BAN Hotlist. This is a daily list of the BAN sector setups which also includes new BAN triggers that fall somewhere below the top ten BAN ranking sectors.  This allows our BAN Trader Pro members to make additional trades, as they like, or use the information from the BAN Hotlist to compliment their own strategies. as a discretionary trade. These explosive trade setups coupled with our detailed position management guidelines packs a powerful punch for the growth of any account using them.

The following screen capture of our current BAN Trade Pro Hotlist (blurred to protect Member-only content), highlights how to view the best ETFs to own at any given time and all market conditions. The focus is on the top 10 sectoral ETFs, and we look for the long-term STAGE analysis to be BULLISH, the short-term TREND to be UP, and overall stock market sentiment to be RISK-ON, which means investors are taking risks and betting on high growth in these sectors. As you can see there have been a lot of great opportunities recently that get delivered our BAN Hotlist to our premium subscribers every day.

The strength of the BAN Trader Pro technology is the ability to catch strong momentum/trend trades in an “aligned” market trend format across various market sectors.  We call this the Best Asset Now (BAN) system for a reason.  The higher the ranking of the BAN technology, the stronger the potential future trends.  When a symbol moves up the BAN Trade Hotlist, it is growing in strength and momentum. This is where we look for the best BAN trade setups when the stock market gives us a new buy signal for a major leg higher.

The additional BAN trade signals that fall below a new major market buy signal, and the end of the stock market trend are power setups for 7-15% moves within a couple weeks of a new trigger. We only want to trade the best assets in the strongest trends. Our members are given the BAN Trader Pro Hotlist every morning before the opening bell.  This allows them to make their own trading decisions using the BAN setups and to execute any valid BAN trade they want when looking for another trade to keep their portfolio working hard for them.

Daily & 10-Minute Chart of ETF BAN Trades

The following daily and 10-minute chart of the BAN trade trigger was generated at the end of the trading day as all signals are (EOD).

This is another BAN trade trigger, generated 21 days ago and it has moved up 13.47% and its likely going much higher.

TRADE OPTIONS with BAN for Explosive returns

Because the BAN triggers are able to spot key entry points into sector ETFs that are starting new rallies, it makes options a very viable way to leverage these trades.

Take a look at this MJ sector trigger. In 7 days it popped and reached all our key price targets of 7%, 15%, and 20%. This makes for huge gains using a basic ATM Call option 45 days out.

Now take a look at the TAN sector ETF trigger. While TAN was one of the strongest sectors last year in 2020, you can see here that in only 30 days after our BAN trigger an options trade could have generated over 200% return as the ETF climbed in value and reached all our price targets.

concluding thoughts

In short, 2021 is going to be an incredible year for BAN Trader subscribers because of the big trends, high volatility, stimulus, and policies with the Biden administration. The time is now to learn and trade the Best Assets Now Hotlist using our proven sector rotation strategy. Our BAN Trader Pro strategy is proving to be an incredible advancement that allows us to dominate and generate Alpha. We urge you to take advantage of the BAN Trader Pro technology and prepare for the big trends that we expect to continue throughout all of 2021 and into 2022 and beyond.

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Happy Trading!

Chris Vermeulen
Chief Market Strategist