New Members Area APP and Features – Soft Launch

Our Trading Newsletter: We are pleased to announce our new “members-only” technology platform which goes live next week.  We have spent many months planning and preparing for this technology launch as an effort to continue to improve our services and to improve the trading capabilities and trading analysis for you.  My goal is to have everything I look at to trade the indexes, stocks/ETFs, and commodities located in the member’s area live and updating for your and myself to follow and trade with. I want to make it my traders cockpit to navigate the markets form one location and fire off winning trades every week.This first launch, a “soft launch” will include just the basic features that we’ve been testing for the past few weeks in preparation for additional features and benefits to be rolled out and layered into the application over the next 60 to 90+ days. As we tune and debug each feature, only then will we move on to the next trading tool.We are counting on you to understand this “soft launch” is the first time we are releasing this new technology to our valued members and we want your feedback and/or comments if you find something we could improve upon. We are very excited to get to this stage of development because it means we can continue to create and explore more advanced trading tools and features that you will receive as a member.  In other words, this is the beginning of a new and better way of trading and having access to many great new features that will help us all become more efficient traders.TheTechnicalTraders Application Benefits:

– The application requires you to use your TTT Account login credentials to gain access.  This prevents non-subscribers from accessing the proprietary data.

– The application updates pricing data every 8 seconds, currently, and we may adjust this interval as our server usage varies.

– The top menu of the TTT App includes common links to our Daily Video, Your Account, Contact information, and App Home page.  The Home Page link will take you to the main page of the TTT App.

– The application is capable of handling and running hundreds of active trading triggers/signals, general market condition/trigger updates and even more content that we have not included within this soft-launch.  Over time, we will continue to enable incredible new features and benefits for you as we continue to build out this new technology,  Right now, this soft launch only includes TRADE ALERTS (email & SMS) – trades that we issue to all members and charting for each position.

– Once we issue a trade into the new TTT App, the application takes over and “runs the trade” for us.  You will receive emails and SMS alerts, based on your account information, as the trade executes.  You can log into the TTT App to watch the trades tick away, but you don’t have to be logged into it to receive the email/SMS alerts.  When a Target or Stop trigger hits, the TTT App will send an alert to all members IMMEDIATELY.

– The TTT App includes a simple “search” feature, near the bottom of the page, that allows you to see the active and completed trades over different spans of time which may come in handy as our track record grows.

TTT App Future Benefits:

The effort we have taken to create this new proprietary technology solution should not be underestimated.  This application is a “trade signal processing system” that is pulling real-time price data, running trading signals/triggers/trades based on configuration data we set up with each trade and is capable of handling large amounts of data efficiently and accurately.  When we consider how this will allow us to expand our member services, provide more opportunity for trade triggers/profits and greatly improve our capabilities for our you, the ability to have the TTT App handle much of the alerting/tracking and position management we were handling manually is an incredible benefit.  It means we can increase our member benefits by 5x or 10x by allowing the TTT App to do most of the daily routine and grunt work for us, while we focus on finding new opportunities, updating members with educational content, and answering your questions.

Additionally, this soft-launch only includes what we call “Trade Action” data.  We have not enabled the additional data delivery methods that are designed to keep our members even better informed of current real-time market conditions and triggers.  These will be released in the near future on the TTT application as we progress with the launch process.

We are also adding a “live chatroom” feature for highly active members to help build a stronger community with some of our future trading features so those trading the morning gaps, or price spikes, for example, can trade together.  Obviously, we urge everyone to stay on their best behavior while engaging in live chat.  We want to try to keep everything as friendly as possible as we open up these new features.

Lastly, the launch process will likely take at least 60+ days as we continue to build out the additional features and test them.  Without going into too much detail, when we have all of the content channels populating as we want, the TTT application will become your single source solution for just about everything you need to trade the market – analysis, signals, updates, charts, trades, profits, and a community.

Get ready, because this is just the first “soft-launch” of this application.  This is the first time we’ve shown it to anyone outside of our core development group and we are very excited about how much more we can build into this to achieve incredible solutions for us all to use.

So, you have about 60 days to get your trading platforms, brokerage accounts and trading skill all tuned up. If you want a helping hand to learn and master several of our proven trading strategies beforehand which will boost your trading performs with this software then be sure to visit our Trading Courses – Click Here 



Chris Vermeulen
Chief Market Strategist