My Stock Market & Real Estate Rant from Mentoring Session

Here is one more snippet from the live mentoring session we held last week with our subscribers.

In this video, we discuss two topics:

  • Residential real estate and the direction it may be going.
  • Why home sales are still picking up in the face of higher interest rates.

Overall, people are starting to become more bullish when it comes to the stock market and residential real estate. As we bounce around in the complacency rally and more people think that we’ve come through a bear market, the market sentiment is shifting to the upside.

But if you look at the charts and realize that fewer and fewer sectors are holding up the market and if you believe that a financial reset is still around the corner, this is a time to be very cautious when deciding to take on extra debt.

In the next couple of years, there will be a lot of people facing loan refinancing (home, auto, etc.) at higher rates, credit card payments with higher rates, potential industry layoffs, inflation that doesn’t seem to be easing off, and so on. If we lose sight of all this and allow ourselves to get swept up in the hype, then we risk falling into the trap of thinking we can afford more than we can. And that is complacency blindness.

How can you avoid and take advantage of a financial reset? Watch the video to learn more.

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Chris Vermeulen

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