Identifying And Mastering The Waves Of Trading

Chris joins Rob Friesen, the host of StockOdds Podcast, for a relaxed chat about markets, strategies, and AI.

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Topics and questions discussed include:

  • Chris’ unique journey from a high school competition to what he believes in today.
  • A look into the second edition of Chris’ book, Technical Trading Mastery.
  • The passive buy-and-hold strategies commonly used by financial advisors VS. his own Asset Revesting solution.
  • Applying an ocean metaphor to describe market movements.
  • The importance of an asset hierarchy and risk management for strategic trading.
  • Chris’ use of AI during his workday and the exciting prospect of creating a custom AI with the help of a Canadian government grant.
  • The trading and investing emotional rollercoaster.
  • The strategy that produced a return of over 50% in 2020 and how this was accomplished.
  • How “overconfirming” before taking action can lead to buying at market peaks.
  • Understanding “inner market analysis.”
  • What a conservative trading strategy can offer you vs. the dangers of leverage.

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Disclaimer: None of this material is meant to be construed as investment advice. It is for education and entertainment purposes only. The video is accurate as of the interview date but may not be accurate in the future.