How you can prepare for a global economic reset

My research team issued a major “Black Swan” warning on February 21, 2020 – just four days before the start of the current market collapse. Now, we are issuing a “bottom” call near a specific date in the future. This means incredible opportunities for skilled technical traders/investors that know how to trade in this increased volatility.

When is the bottom supposed to happen, and where will it be priced? Those answers are only available to my members as it is specialized proprietary research. Still, even if you know when and where the bottom would likely be in the markets – what would you do differently today to attempt to profit from this incredible setup?

We called the gold bull market nearly 6 months in advance last year.
We called for $17 Crude oil four months ago. 
Recent 35% rally call, and what is next for the SP500 near term

I’ve been trading the markets since 1997, and I’ve never seen anything like what is happening right now. Sure, I’ve seen numerous market events where risks appeared to be excessive, and there were incredible opportunities for traders using our market research and trade signals – but nothing compares to what is happening right now.

My research team has poured through months of data and run our advanced predictive modeling systems. We’ve mapped out various cycle events 200+ years into the future and can identify price/trend events based on our proprietary research tools. The alignment of major super-cycles, minor cycles, global economic credit expansion, and the COVID-19 virus event, has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all skilled traders and investors. I’m simply amazed that some of the best analysts on the planet continue to miss these big setups.

The bottom will happen, and we believe we’ve pinpointed a date range and price for the bottom in the global markets. After that, there is a specific process that the global markets will begin that will set up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for skilled traders and investors. Trust us, very few people are prepared for these super-cycle events or the associated price trends that are about to unfold.

Right now is when you want to start preparing for these events and these super-cycles. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event if you understand what is really happening to the global markets. The opportunities for you and your family are incredible – if you know how to play these cycle events. If you don’t, then you will likely experience extreme difficulty in navigating the next 15+ years successfully.

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