Gold and Silver Outlook – What’s the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

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Chris sits down with Charlotte McLeod of Investing News Network, who kickstarts the session with a high-level look at gold. Through the lens of technical analysis, Chris & Charlotte also discuss the answers to the following questions:

  • What do the charts indicate could be coming down the road for gold in the short and long term? And how does the recent fed rate increase affect its trajectory? Will a recession send gold into another stage 4 decline?
  • Using technical analysis, what does a double or triple top mean on a price chart? Does the resistance level mean that price is likely going to head to the up or downside?
  • Will a financial reset actually be good for precious metals and miners?
  • Generally, the idea is to buy low and sell high. Is it a good idea to buy something at a higher price when it is trending up? How do emotions play into accumulating physical metals?
  • Why is there such a disconnect between gold and silver? What needs to happen for silver to break out and catch up with gold? And why is silver more volatile than gold?
  • What does a financial reset in the economy actually mean? How long will the complacency phase last? The last two stage 4 declines were the Tech Bubble and the Financial Crisis. These are very serious and potentially dangerous market conditions if investors are not prepared.
  • How important is it to understand what overall market stage we are currently in?
  • What effect will the news around bank failures have on gold and silver prices?

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Disclaimer: None of this material is meant to be construed as investment advice. It is for education and entertainment purposes only. The video is accurate as of the interview date but may not be accurate in the future.