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Financial Advisors who lack time to conduct in-depth research use our proprietary ETF portfolio to consistently and reliably grow their client’s accounts.

Consider the career path one must take to become a certified and successful financial advisor. You progress through school from day one through to your graduation. You start your practice and business and reach the pinnacle of success over years of hard work. Then the time comes to look toward succession planning and, once in place, to sell your business. You can do all of this on your own; of course, you can. You can also seek strategies that will allow you to break free from hours spent researching to focus on attracting new clients. With 55 years of combined experience helping investors, advisors, and thus their clients on money matters, The Technical Traders is proven reliable, transparent, and engaging in investment newsletter that provides portfolio allocation and tactical investing signals using ETFs.

We know your industry well and understand that the trajectory of your career path will lead to different financial situations and consequences than most other professionals will experience. With over 25 years spent developing our advanced portfolio allocation strategy, we offer consistent returns. Using ETFs and specializing in holding only assets that rise in value, market corrections, black swan events, and bear markets do not dramatically affect our portfolio value.

Why us? Simply put, we have above-average relevant expertise, provide objective, impartial research, and offer a transparent fee. Let’s be clear – building your book of business with savvy, well-connected, wealthy clients who refer others to you is a far better use of your time than conducting market research. We can help make that happen, and it’s easier than you think.

While our research newsletter will offer opinions on all key asset classes, we specialize in technical analysis and portfolio risk management. Our “big picture” management is a unique solution for advisors. It often results in better decision-making with less time involved and a lower cost than trying to do it yourself or an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO). We provide the ability to integrate your goals with your client’s portfolios and risk level to help everyone get to where they want to be without the financial rollercoaster ride of market gyrations.

Want proof? Take a look at our Consistent Growth Strategy (CGS) fact sheet to learn more about how we can help you and your clients.


You are building your business to the point where it is one of your most valuable financial assets, if not the most valuable. Let us help systemize, automate, and differentiate some of your investment processes to make you stand out from the crowd and become the advisor everyone refers to their friends and family.


It isn’t easy to gain the trust of prospects when you’re a new financial advisor or planner. Financial scandals and market turbulence in recent years have left potential clients wary of advisors unless friends and family have suggested them.

We understand how difficult it can be to build your business in this climate. Easing this burden is why we offer you the advantage of tactical investing solutions you can employ to help clients preserve capital, earn returns, and avoid losses during market downturns. Our active investing strategy gives you the tools you will need to keep your clients’ savings moving in and out of positions by either automating trade execution or executing trades based on our ETF investment signals received via email. 

So stop struggling to build your business. Gain clients faster by providing yourself with access to a solid strategy that saves you time, helps preserve assets, accumulates wealth, and offers the opportunity to relax during whatever volatile markets send our way. 


No matter how long you’ve been in the business, you don’t know when the market might be preparing for a considerable selloff or when it will move sideways. With TheTechnicalTraders, you don’t have to try to read the markets or forecast movement. You can keep your clients’ savings actively moving forward with a deeply researched technical strategy and trade signals at your fingertips.

Technical analysis requires a daily time commitment and must be supported by years of study to better understand the layers behind every trend. Give your clients the benefit of 25+ years of proven technical research and knowledge by signing up for our trade signals or automated trading strategy. Ensure you are always prepared to help your clients earn returns while protecting their assets. 


You have spent your career building your business, making it one of your most valuable assets. Protect and increase that value by adding a systemized and automated approach to keeping your clients’ capital safe, no matter what the markets are doing.

With strategies like CGS, you can help preserve and grow client assets with steady, reliable returns regardless of the market cycle. You can give your clients a whole new outlook on financial planning as you help them break the habit of holding assets falling in value. Impress them even more by finding assets rising in value during bear markets. 

Refresh your business by differentiating your planning process and free your time to focus on other ways to keep growing. 


When it’s time to sell your practice and move on to your next great adventure, why not give potential buyers an instant edge over their competition while increasing the intrinsic value of your firm? This is easy to do when you adopt the Consistent Growth Strategy and use its automated updates and trade signals. 

This ETF portfolio strategy ensures that whoever buys your business will have the tools to safely steer their new clients through all market cycles while providing them with consistent long-term growth and below-average portfolio volatility. Help your successor protect their clients’ assets while also securing their AUM.


You’ve spent a lifetime helping clients grow and preserve assets. Now let us help you do the same. With systems like our Consistent Growth Strategy, retired advisors can quickly and easily manage downside risk while keeping assets moving in and out of growth positions. 

Just because you now have only have your own assets under management doesn’t mean you need any less advantage over the increasingly volatile markets. After selling your practice, consider using the CGS strategy to help manage your funds so you can spend more quality time with family and friends.

Stand out from your competitors with CGS today. If you don’t, they will.

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