Thank You To All Of Our BrainFreeze Supporters!

The final stats, video, and photos are in!

From all of us on the TechnicalTradersHotTubTeam, THANK YOU so very much for supporting us in our efforts to raise funds for youth mental health programs created and facilitated by

Our team, with your support, ended up being the top fundraiser of the entire event, raising just over $19,000!

The events, held in five different cities,
raised a total amount of a goosebump over $170,000!

Leading up to the event, we increased our fundraising goal from
$10,000 to $17,500 and then blew that out of the water too!

For those of you who participated, donated, or were spurred on to do something similar in your own communities – this is your victory as well!

Are you game to join us next year?!

Chris Vermeulen
Chief Investment Officer