Learn How To Find And Use The Right Option Strategy For This Market

I have been talking about trading options for many months now and I am excited to let you all know THE TIME HAS COME!

Neil Szczepanski joined the Technical Traders team recently and has been working tirelessly to bring our new service, Options Trading Signals (OTS), to you all. Neil and I went back and forth many times to try to identify how we could provide the MOST VALUE to our followers and I think what we have in mind is awesome, but we will evolve as we get feedback from members.

We thought about what the market has been doing over the past twelve months, and what we see for the next 12+ months. The conclusion was obvious to both of us – we see a lot of volatility and uncertainty going forward as the ramifications of a COVID-stunted economy start becoming clearer. Neil explained that the only way an options trader will survive is by having many strategies at their disposal and using the right trading strategy at the right time. He is genuinely nervous about what will happen to all the new option traders who have jumped into the market in the past year.

Neil has put together a webinar where he shares the strategies he has relied on for a long time now to consistently beat the market while generating a great stream of monthly income. The webinar is called HOW TO BECOME AN OPTIONS STRATEGY MASTER. You need to take the time to watch this regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert options trader. We will be holding several webinar sessions over today and over the next few days, so make sure you register now: https://joinnow.live/s/r7J1Zc.

So, who is Neil and how do you pronounce his last name? Neil is a really smart guy that has been trading options for two decades and teaching people how to trade for over ten years now… starting with his former CEO back in the days when he was still running in the rat race. He left the corporate world for good, trading in his MBA for a Masters in Options Trading from the School of Hard Knocks, and has been helping people ever since.

Check out what one of his students has said about Neil:

“I work in the logistics industry and I have known Neil for some time. Recently he took me under his wing and introduced me to options trading. I had no idea what options were until Neil taught me how to trade. I am picking it up rather fast and I don’t think I would ever be able to do this by myself. Having Neil as my options trading mentor has made this very easy for me to learn and has fast tracked me to where I am now. Neil is a great trader and really knows how to trade options.” – Mike

I think you will all get as excited about Neil joining the Technical Traders as I am. His webinar is really insightful and well worth it… and you will get Neil’s Custom OPTIONS STRATEGY GUIDE at the end for you to keep with no strings attached. You will also find our SPECIAL OFFER for our new Options Trading Signals newsletter service that will SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

You will also have to watch the webinar to find out how to pronounce his last name!!

Sign up for the webinar now here – SPACE IS LIMITED!

Neil and I look forward to trading options with you this week!

Chris Vermeulen
Chief Market Strategist