You Can’t Afford To Miss This If You Are Nervous About The Markets Continuously Setting New All-Time Highs

I get a lot of emails every day asking me if the markets are hitting their tops and about to reverse, or if gold and silver have hit bottom, etc. As most of you who follow my research now, I do not try to pick market tops or bottoms. My experience has been that I, like most of you, am wrong more often than not. We get emotional, seek out information that supports our biases, sometimes double down, and often end up bruised and confused with a loss in our account.

I often speak often to my subscribers about the importance of not letting our emotions get the better of our trades or trading strategies. This is why I am really excited to listen to Rande Howell speak on how to “Retrain Your Brain For Success In Trading” at the upcoming Wealth 365 Summit. Trading requires a brain that stays patient, disciplined, and impartial under the stress of uncertainty and risk. Unless your name is Spock, our brains just aren’t naturally wired that way. Come watch Rande, me, and over 50 other speakers at the upcoming Wealth 365 Summit being held online from April 19th to April 24th.

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