Trade Setup & Last Research Posting Announcement!

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Research Posting Announcement

After careful consideration and respect for our members and followers, as of May 1, 2018, we have decided to make all of our more detailed and dedicated price modeling research only available to our subscribers and members while still attempting to provide more general market research to our non-member, free followers. We are making this alteration to our posting and publications in an effort to provide more exclusive value to our members and to limit the free public exposure of our proprietary price modeling systems that have been generating incredibly accurate price triggers over the past 7+ months. Our efforts are to better support our members and to make our proprietary research exclusively available to our subscribers – the people that support our research and team of developers at Technical Traders Ltd.

We will continue to post research articles regarding the markets, trend and forecasts for our free followers to learn from and gain market insight. Our proprietary market cycles, Fibonacci price modeling, Adaptive Dynamic Learning (ADL) price modeling and other proprietary research models will become exclusively published within our members area for our valued subscribers to profit from.

We have been contacted by a number of people recently who have expressed their admiration and astonishment of our posts, research and price modeling system’s success. We believe we are offering the most innovative and inclusive market research that you can find anywhere. We don’t know of anyone that has the tools we have or has the capabilities we have in regards to accurately predicting market trends, turning points and setups. All you need to do is read our recent posts to know how incredible our calls have been in the markets for the past 7+ months.

We urge you to become a subscriber of to continue receiving our advanced research and access to our incredible price modeling systems. If you want to know where the market is going today, tomorrow, and next month, and if you want some greater insight regarding what to expect from price, then you owe it to yourself to join today and make your trading decisions easier and more profitable. Remember, we called every major move in the markets this year and at least 3 weeks in advance – where else are you going to be able to get that type of analysis?

We look forward to continuing to serve all of our followers and subscribers. We will still post-free research posts to the general public. They will simply be more general and exclude our proprietary market turning points and price forecasts. JOIN NOW!

Chris Vermeulen & team