Chris Vermeulen, the world-renowned market forecasting and trading alert provider, who consistently produces 8 winners out of every 10 recommendations, reveals…

"A Simple and Easy-To-Follow System For Making An Extra $1,000, $5,000, Even $10,000 (or more!) Each Month."

For years, researchers have looked for the "Holy Grail" of financial trading.
Could this revolutionary new system be what they've been searching for?

DaveDear Trader,

If you're anything like most people, you've dreamed of what it would be like to enjoy real wealth.

But have you ever seriously considered that you could make your dream come true with a straightforward decision . . . And that you could get started in just minutes from now?

IIf that sounds far-fetched, we don't blame you for being skeptical, because there was a time when we felt the same way.

But fortunately, we kept an open mind; and now, we live a life of which most people only dream.

We have everything we want that money can buy, plenty of time to spend with family, and life completely free from financial worries.

So, if you've got a minute, we'll show you exactly how easy it is to do, what we do . . . Making returns of 5%, 10%, 15%, and even 20% (or more) in only days and repeating the process over and over again.

We are not kidding when we say this could be the most important letter you've ever read because it could change your financial future.

ATP Trading Alert Service

Hi, my name is Chris Vermeulen, and I'm the Chief Investment Strategist here at Active Trading Partners (ATP).

I want to share something with you I've discovered that has amazed professional traders, baffled the skeptics, and changed my life.

Let me tell you how this all began.

Until several years ago, I was your typical boom-and-bust trader. I had a frustrating relationship with the markets. Sometimes I'd rake in the money, and then I'd lose everything I'd just made. 

For example, in ten years, I made a seven-figure fortune and then lost it all . . . And unfortunately, did it twice!

What was the problem? For starters, there was no consistency to my trading at all, even after fifteen years of following the markets. I could simply find no way to tell what each trading day would bring.

The problem wasn't from lack of trying because I'd easily spent tens of thousands of dollars in looking for and experimenting with every trading method under the sun.


Fortunately, I'm The Kind Of Guy
That Never Gives Up

Then finally, I came up with a breakthrough idea, spent about twelve months perfecting and testing it, and my trading (and my life) instantly changed forever.

After only a few months . . .

  • I was placing so many winning trades, which I was making more money than I ever had before. (And, oh, the look on my wife's face when I showed her the increase in my trading account—priceless!)

  • I also saw a whopping improvement in my win to loss ratio. (Where my old method would give me a "successful" trade 5 out of 10 times, with my new strategy, I was winning 7 and eight times out of 10—with several of these producing massive gains! That's unbelievable accuracy that many trading professionals can't claim). Obviously, the market is always high risk to trade in, and we can't guarantee results, but we do our best to reduce the risk of entry and give our subscribers every opportunity to profit.

  • Plus — incredibly . . .

My Account Balance Grew Faster Than
The Market Indexes And With Less Risk!

And it just gets better. My large losses were dramatically reduced, and I became incredibly confident--placing every trade as if I magically knew it would be a winning trade.

But it wasn't magic at all. You see, what I had discovered had almost nothing to do with traditional trading approaches.

What I'd discovered wasn't some little trick, but a comprehensive trading method based on many factors including human behavior, crowd psychology, mathematics, Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci numbers, and fundamental analysis. You see, the markets repeat the same patterns over and over, and so do investors. I figured out a system that benefits from the mistakes other traders make and turn those into big gains!

As I've continued to refine the method, I can now make more money in a few days than most people make in three months!

Earning an extremely comfortable lifestyle for myself, for my wife, and for our three children has been a true blessing. Also, I have several high-end European sports cars, take fantastic vacations several times a year, and never worry about my bills! The peace of mind that I have is probably the best gift of all!

I have all the good things that money can buy, and I had plenty of time to spend with my family and was one of the founding fathers of a local charity group called "100 Men Who Care Southern Georgian Bay" started volunteer at my church and other local charities in my community.

Before I tell you more, I want to answer the question I know is on everyone's mind. . .

Why Am I Sharing This Revolutionary
Method I Call "MRM" With You?

It's quite simple. I've already made a fortune using my MRM (Momentum Reversal Method) model, and sharing it won't decrease my future profits at all.

Financially, I'm set for life. Once I had achieved this level of complete financial freedom, it gave me a reason (and time) to pause and think.

Why shouldn't I give back some of what I've received?

I see no reason to horde this buy-low and sell-high method and keep it for myself. In fact, that runs contrary to my core beliefs.

You see, if I hold the key to something that's potentially very valuable for the general public, and I don't share it, I'll attract negativity into my life.

But if I share the special gift and discovery that I've made and help other people succeed, then I'll receive many more blessings in my life.

And I know the information in this advisory service will help you live a life of financial abundance—as I am.

Now, you may still be skeptical. And frankly, that's fine, because I'm only looking for a small group of people who want to change their lives. I don't want to work with people who are afraid to try and are convinced that they are forever stuck in their current financial condition.

So, if you want to make a change, I'm going to give you the opportunity to trade with me as a partner in my ATP service and make some serious money. There is a reason I call my company "ATP," because I view my subscribers as partners. And I know that long-term I can only be deemed a successful advisor if my partners are making serious money.

Now, you may be wondering . . .

How Are My Subscribers Doing?

Well, here are just a few of the comments I've received lately:

". . . We're currently up $172,000 . . . and I think it's going to get better from here." - Ben Koops

"My portfolio is up over 50% due mainly to your recommendations and advice in five to six months--which is more than I made in the last seven years following the advice of my financial adviser, using less money." - Steve Ushinski

"So far, you have been crystal clear with your analysis and, even better, it has been correct! So I made enough on one trade to subscribe for several years. Thank you so much!" - John Brierley

"I paid for the service 5x's over in two weeks using your ETFs and entries . . . it's nice to have someone in my corner." - GB


When you subscribe, you'll
enjoy profitable trades like these:


Friends, if you aren't following the trades and positions I recommend, you're missing out on the greatest wealth-building approach available. It may have taken me twenty years to discover this MRM Timing System, but you won't have to wait years or even months to see results.

I'm confident that my "ATP Trading Alert Service" is the easiest and safest way to build a fortune in the stock market today. If you want to achieve true financial freedom, then this is the opportunity for you.

Here Are My Recent Results

This past year was a huge success for our technical traders and subscribers. With our hypothetical trading account up huge, how can you not be happy and excited to see how much we can make this year!

Assumes for calculation purposes $20,000 is full, $10,000 is 1/2.  So we have $60,000 as portfolio basis (3 Full positions to start April 1). Some positions are sold in 1/2 tranches and not all at one time.

MRM Recent Trades



I think you get the idea. I find trades and intermediate positions that are ready to pop and produce amazing profits for you in just days. And then I do it over and over again.

Let me show you some older examples,
but know that this strategy works just as well
in todays market as it did back in 2012.


How You Can Make 16% - 22% In Just Days!

Here's a typical MRM System trade, buying low and selling high, that I recently shared with my subscribers. This was an easy 16%-22% gain in a matter of days. I called the entry, the trade management, the stops, and the final exit for my subscribers. Heck, after I did this chart, the stock ran up another 8% in two days!


Here are the email alerts that went out to my subscribers:

Jan 30: "LLNW consolidating" – recommend a buy in the $3.18 to $3.38 range"

Jan 31: ". . . expect breakout to $4 if all goes well . . . still in buy range."

Feb 1: ". . . still in the buy range"

Feb 3: " . . . trying to break 3.40 resistance, if it can we should see a run to $4.00 possible . . . now it's 3.47 on the close, at least 5% gainer so far and really looks like the ponies want to run to $4.10"

Feb 6: ". . . hit 3.75 this morning at one point, but is still at 3.64 here up 5.5% today and about 10.5% from the 3.29 alert price and higher if you bought in the 3.18-3.38 lower end of the suggested ranges."

Feb 7: " . . . 3.71 and we are up 10-12% and holding as well, looking for $4 or a tad higher … now up 17% plus and at 3.85 it has room to run to 4 or 4.20 per share I think. . . . Sell ½ your position and hold remainder."

Feb 8: " . . . 3.94 and holding the 3.84 suggested protective profit stop point still . . ."

Feb 9: " . . . Soaring in after hours last night to 4.20, which was one of the last targets I mentioned yesterday when we were 3.94 . . . We should be up about 30% or so, we sold ½ our position at 3.85 alert to take profits."

Feb 9: "Move the stop to $4.00"

Feb 9: ". . . [stopped] out at 4 for 22% plus final gains."

See how easy this was? Anyone could follow these alerts and make great money in just days!

And here are a few more real-world MRM System examples of trades you could have easily made, buying low and selling high, time after time:

Alert: "GLUU is pulling back to 2.71 . . . Partners looking for a good entry or add should be buyers here with upside objectives in the 3.50 area".
: 10 days later GLUU hit $4.10 per share for a stunning 50% gain!


Alert: "It is not too late to buy New Zealand Energy, even though we are up 80% from the initial report and alert. The stock has pulled back from 2.04 to 1.80 range as of this update and we have fair value as high as $3.50 per share in 6 months or less".
Results: Two days later New Zealand Energy stock exploded for a 30% gain. Within 3 weeks the stock hit 3.70 for over a 100% gain!

chart - mrm

Alert: "CVV- 15.99 as of alert, up 17-19% for this 1/2 position. There will be alot of sellers from 16-17 . . . I would advise taking profits on this position and closing it out over today/tomorrow. Let's book them now."
Results: Stock did in fact peak at 15.99 and 4 days later was at 14.50. ATP booked 13-18% gains in 8 days.

chart - mrm

Alert: I find this recent IPO oil-gas exploration stock to be very cheap and quite fascinating with massive upside long term. I would advise you read the ATP report thoroughly and determine if you want to take a position. If so, plan to hold it for at least 12 months and deal with volatility. I have a 12 month or less target of $1.87.
Results: Stock up 225% in 11 weeks and ATP still holding

NZ mrm

I smell a stop loss run on NQ. We had a buy range at 6.60-7.05 for a reason. Advise to add here at 6.78 as I am myself on today's dip. I think the stock is cheap.


Alert: "Southern Arc Minerals is now forming a Diamond Bottom Pattern on the charts . . . I will be buying stock in the next few days at these prices".
Results: 10 days later stock up 40%

Alert: "Bonus stock UBNT is hitting bottom channels IMO 17-17.50-60 ranges here. For those who want to scoop some up, reasonable risk with good upside reasonable downside."
Results: UBNT ran up 28% in 7 trading days.

Alert: "Those long from the 5.30-5.70 buy range now see TPLM at 7.05. The upper end of the channel seems around 7.50 . . . consider trimming some of your positions on TPLM now up as much as 30% from where some bought."
Results: My subscribers took 30% gains, and then a few days later the stock did hit 7.50 on the nose and we sold the rest at 7.45 for 35-40% gains!! The stock then fell to the 6.40's days later!

So, let me ask …

Are You Ready to Start Making Some
Serious Money?

Are you motivated to start making consistent profits with this system? Then why not make your decision to join my team of members who are using my "ATP Trading Alert Service" and our Revolutionary MRM buy low and sell high timing system and start building your fortune? Decide now to live the life you've been dreaming about really.

Harry Gill knows what I'm talking about. He emailed us and said: "You are incredibly accurate on over 90% of your calls, and I have never seen any newsletter writer work so hard by constantly updating subscribers, as opportunities arise and market situations change."

And, how about Gautam, from Mumbai, India, who said: "I have been a subscriber to many other Precious metals subscriptions . . . I have found that this service is "The One." None of the others come near to their accuracy. He is the "benchmark in the industry."

So, the question is--are you ready?

Or are you content to continue doing what you've always done, hoping that something will change for the better?

Here's What You Get As A Subscriber

When you subscribe today to my "ATP Trade Alert Service". you'll immediately begin receiving daily advice and updates on all positions and trades every day pre-market.

We provide everything you need including entry price, trade management, stop loss, exits, and specific price ranges for buying into positions and for adding to positions on pullbacks to maximize returns and minimize losses. We E-mail and Text you as well in real time for entry and exit points.

You don't need to know what the heck MRM (Momentum Reversal Method) is specifically, leave that to me! You just follow our alerts and our updates during the week, and that's it! You'll be buying low and selling high time after time!

You'll see that our trades are based on three main strategies:

  1. Short-Term Active Trades – You can expect to receive 1-2 Active Trades per week or about 4-8 per month. The goal for these trades is 3-15% return within a few days to a few weeks. We provide entry and exit alerts in real time.

  2. Bonus Trading Stock Alerts – These are short to intermediate trades that we may hold for days or even 4-12 weeks depending on market conditions. A stock doesn't make our Swing Positions list unless we believe it has strong near-term upside potential and limited downside risk upon entry.

  3. Long-Term Stocks - Once in awhile we will write a private report just for our partners on companies with huge long-term upside potential. We look for dramatic discounts to fair value and future catalysts to move the price. An Energy stock we profiled in late 2012 rallied 200% in a few months before we told everyone to book profits.

You'll also enjoy:

  • Direct Email contact with me 24/7 on any questions on trading, positions we hold, markets, and more,

  • E-mail and Web delivery in real-time on all new Trade and Core Position Alerts with research and charts

  • Regular trading education on Elliott Waves, Fibonacci retracements, Cycle trading periods, crowd behavioral patterns, and more.

  • Frequent Chart Updates posted to the site for Partners on our positions with commentary

My ATP Trading Alert Service Could
Change Your Life Forever!

Let me show you how to make easy and LARGE profits for yourself. You really can't go wrong! Make your decision to join my subscribers who use this trading system and are enjoying a better, richer life and me.

Now, of course, I wouldn't recommend you quit your job just yet. You may want to start small and then start making bigger and bigger trades. You can keep the day job, but we will give you all the tools to make a strong supplemental income. Once you understand my simple methods and have gained your confidence through paper trading, all you will have to do is buy the stocks that I identify.

Achieve The Wealth You've Dreamed Of

Certainly, this trading advisory service isn't for everyone. You must first have the burning desire to learn, grow, and earn more than you are now.

Many people struggle for years, blindly trying to learn to make money in the markets. But, now you have the opportunity to know exactly what to do.

For example, with my MRM System, you'll know the exact answers to question such as:

  • When do I buy?
  • When do I sell?
  • What should I buy?
  • What should I sell?
  • Do I take profits, or let it ride?
  • Should I buy more or take a loss?

My MRM (Momentum Reversal Method) timing system answers all of these questions, and you just have to follow along with our real-time alerts and updates. Start buying low and selling high right now!

And there's no need to worry about staring at your computer screen all day because I'll send you an email and SMS message) alert any time there is a buy, sell, or trim advisory. Not only that, but I'll quickly respond to every email sent to me. So if you are ever unsure about what to do, just email me!

So, in just a matter of days, weeks, or months from now. You could be making more money than most people even dream of.

Now, you might be wondering . . .

How Much Does Trading
Alert Service Cost?

Well, first let me ask you this . . .

How much is it worth to you to become financially free--to have all the money you've ever wanted? What's it worth to have time to spend with your family, to have the homes, the cars, and the vacations?

Put another way. If you could make $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 each month, how much would you invest to accomplish this? Would you invest $1,000, $2,000, or even $5,000, if you knew you could once and for all live the lifestyle you've always dreamed about?

Of course, I'm not going to ask for $5,000 or $2,000, or even $1,000 for this advisory.

Sign up today for ATP, and become a member before we reach maximum seats and cant take anymore traders as we dont want ot move the markets as that takes away form all of our profits!

As soon as you start receiving the "ATP Trading Alert Service," put it to the test. Take your time, and start slowly.  Begin with paper trading, then move up to placing small orders with real money. Try the method for three full months and see for yourself how it works.

If you aren't happy--FOR ANY REASON--then send us a message. We'll cancel your service, and you won't be charged anything else upon renewal date. But I seriously recommend that you spend some time learning from us and emailing with questions. If you actively participate in the method, I know you'll see dramatic results.

Is the service worth it? Just read what one of my subscribers, Hayward said: "My portfolio has jumped over 50% working on your recommendations and suggestions these past couple months."      

And here's what Colleen Bowersock said: "To date, this is the best financial service that I have ever subscribed too!"

And Michael Swanberg said: "I have made enough to fund the monthly costs of ATP for the next ten years. People at the office just do not understand why I am always smiling!!! Keep up the good work."

Listen, for such an affordable price . . .

This Is An Easy Decision!

I've made a small fortune that keeps on growing with this method, and my students and partners are quickly becoming richer than they ever imagined.

So, subscribe now and join the hundreds of my happy subscribers like Dr. Jeff Carter, who wrote:

Just had to drop you a line to comment on what a fabulous few months you've had in the service. I started out with you in October, I think, with a healthy degree of skepticism and pretty small trade allocations. Well, you have certainly distinguished yourself with performance in the last few months. Funny thing was, even when you seemed to be expecting a pullback in late December that never came, your positions all remained highly profitable.

I've never had the luxury of experiencing this kind of performance with a service. I'm highly enthused about what the next few months may bring. Love all your updates through the day and week, feels like I always know what we are expecting, and it gives me nice sense of security that you always have your eye on the ball. At this point, I'm trying to really absorb the charts and "tutorials" that you send out trying to glean some of your methodology. My only regret is that I didn't allocate more heavily towards these picks in the early going, but I hope to be better prepared going forward. Not sure what the "secret sauce" of the timing algorithm you've added here in the last couple of months, but it's been like pouring gasoline on a fire!

You've got a remarkable talent. I appreciate again the chance to be a "partner." Keep up the fine work.

Warm regards,
Jeff McCarter. M.D.

Make your decision now to start enjoying real wealth, and start living your dream.

Don't Delay Your Family's Needs Or
Your Retirement Any Longer!

Subscribe now, and get started. Just imagine . . . by as early as next month, you could be on your way to being richer!

There's no reason why you shouldn't make the kind of money my current subscribers are making. Just listen to what subscriber, Mark Schilling says:

"In the investment world there is no end to advice, newsletters, services, trading schemes and theories. I have sampled many and have found that the combination of astute technical and fundamental trading advice paired with uncompromising integrity are rare. ATP service is a real jewel and fulfills both objectives. This service is not only extremely insightful and tireless in his research to find good stocks in these difficult markets but is unabashedly honest and forthright with no hype. He goes the extra mile in contacting company executives to get the inside scoop and has the experience to identify price patterns and special situations that the insiders use to their advantage. His track record is superb, and the price of the service is worth every penny. If one follows the advice faithfully, the gains will far outweigh the cost. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend ATP "

Now is the time to join my team of enthusiastic partners who are experiencing a life-style they only once imagined.

All you need is a few minutes each day and the knowledge you'll gain from using "The ATP Trading Alert Service."

Unless you take action now, one year from now you will likely be in the same financial condition you are right now. This service will change the way you make money in the stock market for the rest of your life. Why not begin living the life you've dreamed about?

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Chris Vermeulen

PS.   I urge you to subscribe today and get started on making your first million. I'm confident you'll be thrilled at what you learn and the money you'll be making. It will happen for you. So don't delay. Subscribe right now.

PPS.  This is the most exciting system ever devised on stock trading. After you receive your first email, there's no waiting. You can start trading the very same day. Click Here To Subscribe 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Chris Vermeulen? Chris is the Chief Strategist at Technical Traders Ltd. and has been quoted on,, Kitco,, Wall Street Window, and and many other sites. Click Here To Subscribe 

What is MRM? It stands for Momentum Reversal Method. It's the key trading model that I use inside of my ATP Trading Alert Service, and it acts as a helpful indicator of short and intermediate sentiment peaks and valleys. It's combined with two key additional indicators that help to confirm pivot lows and pivot highs. Click Here To Subscribe 

What is the theory behind the ATP Trading Alert Service? My goal was to develop a reliable and consistently profitable method of investing in ETF's and/or individual stocks by entering trades at low risk points, with high upside potential. The methodology is based on understanding "herd" behavior as it applies to the markets. Elliott wave theory, is one of the main foundations that we use at ATP combined with my MRM timing system to help pinpoint precise entry and exit points with lower risk. The crowd loves to sell low and buy high. ATP prefers to do the opposite. Click Here To Subscribe

Is this based on prediction or reaction to changes in trend? The MRM system can give intermediate buy signals where the trend is about to shift up, meaning the sentiment towards the stock is likely to head north from sideways to south. We can then begin to slowly enter into that type of position as that shift begins to occur. Click Here To Subscribe

If I subscribe, will you teach me the secret behind your MRM model? No, this is a proprietary model that I use to find great trades for my subscribers. However, I will teach you plenty about the markets, and give you extremely profitable trades! Click Here To Subscribe 

Is this method only for stocks? No, it can also be applied to the SP 500, DOW, Nasdaq , Gold and other areas to help determine if we are in an uptrend in the market and should be more aggressive with long trades, or a corrective market where we should stand aside. Click Here To Subscribe 

Is this a contrarian approach to trading? Yes, our methodology is contrarian in nature, as we tend to scale into trading positions as a stock or ETF is in the final stages of a correction or decline. We have proprietary signals that help us weed out potential winners from those we should avoid. Our #1 goal is to reduce as much risk as possible before we recommend a trade entry. We also scale into every trade regardless of how confident we are. Scaling in over 24-72 hours allows us to control both risk and emotions at the same time. It allows us to lower our average cost 90% of the time. Our track record speaks for itself, and the cost of membership we expect will be returned to our partners multiple times over by following our advice. Click Here To Subscribe 

What triggers a buy signal in your system? Take for example, a stock that's pulling back really hard that was previously doing pretty well. At some point, it starts triggering a lot of stop losses, which triggers some more selling, and then a bit of fear and panic sets in. My model anticipates when most of that downward move by the crowd is almost over, and this is when we start buying. This is when, we believe, that most of the people are done running for the exit. Now we want to get in and hang on for a while, and when people come back in, it goes higher. Click Here To Subscribe 

What is your track record? Our track record is in the vicinity of 80% success rates on every trade recommended. If you can be 60% successful in the markets, you can make a substantial amount of money.

How much can I make with this alert service? How fast? There have been many cases of a 24-48 hour hold returning anywhere from 5-13% using the MRM timing model. Click Here To Subscribe

How is this different than other signal services? After most services call a new trade, they don't provide any other help to manage or exit the trade profitably. Their advisors are unavailable or unresponsive, or both. On the other hand, I'm available almost around the clock. When you email me, you're going to get a response from me and not someone else. I'm a former broker, and I treat every subscriber as if they were my client. Here's the bottom line: If you're a subscriber of ATP, and you're involved with our positions, you can always email me and get a quick response, so you're not sitting around wondering what to do. Time is money and you need to know what do with your trades with precision. I am here to answer your emails promptly. Click Here To Subscribe

How many trades or alerts per week do you have? How do you send your alerts? Our MRM timing model and market patterns (Bull Trend or Bear Trend as defined by our TMTF Service) dictates the level of activity. In general though, between trimming back on positions, adding on dips to existing positions, or initiating new positions you can see anywhere from 2-10 action alerts in a week. These will be delivered in real time via Email and Post to our website both. We also will be using a smart phone action alert system in 2012 that you can download and set up on your phone. Click Here To Subscribe

How many subscribers will you accept? Most services have way too many subscribers. How do you expect to get in and out of a position when you've got 5,000 other people you're fighting with. This is a limited service of 250 partners . . . we've even closed off subscriptions, until I'm comfortable with the numbers. Click Here To Subscribe

What kind of stocks do you focus on? At ATP we believe small to mid–cap stocks offer the most potential in terms of taking advantage of investor behaviors and the common lack of information that creates price discrepancies. A combination of researching recent IPO's and little-followed small caps, along with our MRM timing system gives us a major edge. Small and Mid Cap stocks often move very quickly and we can take advantage of volatility for profits. We make sure to look at stocks that are liquid to trade and we believe are on the cusp of major swarms of new volume and investor interest. Click Here To Subscribe

How do you provide the trading signals? An e-mail is sent within seconds of a New Position Trade alert and a research report is also posted to our website for Partners.  We send an e-mail in the event that a Partner is not logged into the site at the time of the alert so they are notified.   In order to protect our proprietary research, we do not provide the research details in the e-mail itself--only the notification and link to the site for a Partner to log-in and review our Alert.  The webpage automatically refreshes every five minutes or so if you're logged in, so you do not miss any updates, commentaries, or trade alerts. Click Here To Subscribe 

Do you own the stocks or funds which you send alerts for? ATP and its affiliates, employees, directors, officers, and family members are not allowed to own positions in any ATP Investment Alert positions ahead of the partners first receiving the alert.  This includes affiliates of and any of its employees, directors, officers, and family members. is an ethical service and we put our partner's interests first ahead of our own. We enforce this policy strictly.  We will disclose when we have a long position anytime that we are providing further updates to said position. Click Here To Subscribe 



Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Trading is risky and money can be lost on any single position at anytime. Subscribers should always consult with a Professional Advisor and determine their risk profile and risk tolerance. ATP is a subscription based service and subject to the terms of agreement.