I truly think this is the best $149 a trader will ever spend

These markets have been unstable since September. I’m sure you can see and sense it, especially with the election noise and vaccine news adding to the volatility.

I want you to be ready for the next big trend when it happens, so be sure to give this a quick read because it is about to start any day now, and it may be life-changing financially.

If you have been following me for a while, then you know my analysis and trades are the real deal. Sure, I have some losing streaks, but my winning streaks have far outweighed any series of losers.

You may also know that I made over $3,670,000 million from the financial industry during the 2008 crash and recover into 2011. While I have been semi-retired since 2011, I continue to follow, trade, and invest in these markets because, let’s face it, it’s the most flexible and profitable business I know, not to mention it’s my passion.

We have a new president, but I don’t care because if stocks continue to rocket higher, we will make another fortune. If a bear market starts, well, we will still make a fortune. Making during a falling market is much quicker because prices fall 4-7 times more quickly than they rise. So why not follow my super simple SP500 ETF investing strategy? Follow my big slow SPY and leveraged ETF index trades with any retirement account and follow me to success.

I’m offering my investing signals for those who want to follow my trading research and positions. Let face it; there is a time to be 100% long stocks, 100% cash/bonds, and even when to own an inverse fund. You will be told when and what to do. It does not get much easier.

The truth is, your financial advisor will NEVER recommend a cash position for you, even when the stock market is falling for several years in a row. Why? Because they are not allowed, their firm will not make money, plus the SEC is cracking down and saying advisors cannot charge a management fee if they put your money in cash. They do not see cash as an investment, even though we know Warren Buffet and other investors see cash as a position during certain situations, with this year being one.

Instead, they will keep you long stocks, with some bonds, and you will have to ride out the bear market roller-coaster and experience the fear, loss, and devastation that comes with the market condition. The S&P500 took 13 years to make new highs after the 2000 top, and the Nasdaq took 17 years to reach new highs after the 2000 market top, really only making new highs just three years ago what a waste of time and money to let your money be underwater for that amount of time.

During this year’s pandemic market crash, the BEST position was cash for short term traders. EVERY asset fell in value (stocks, bonds, gold, commodities). Only one asset rallied; guess what it was? The USD dollar (CASH), moving to US Dollars, gained a whopping 11% while most indexes and sectors fell 35-80+%. All you had to do was close all positions in your portfolio, and you would have looked like a hero, and that’s what I did with my subscribers right after we complete our TLT bond fund for 20.01% gain in March with this swing trading newsletter for active traders.

So, follow me to success. Investors can follow my most simple single ETF strategy and know when to own stocks when to own an inverse ETF, or be in cash. For only $149 you can have the keys to the kingdom during a time when we are going to experience more historical price swings over the next few years. Getting my investor signals is as good as it gets, in my opinion.

Just know, even if we don’t enter a new bear market in the next year, my investing signals will still catch the bull market and make you a ton of money. This is the most affordable insurance plan for your retirement account, so you don’t miss this opportunity today!

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Chris Vermeulen
Founder of Technical Traders Ltd.