Houston, We Have A Problem and An Opportunity!

I recently shared a new educational sci-fi 9-part TV show that fellow members and I are helping make a reality. Well, the good news is that we just passed the 70% level to reach the goal for launch, but we still need more fuel (your support) to make it happen, and with only ten days left before the All-Or-Nothing Deadline, we could use your help in any way, shape, or form – pretty please!

UNIQUE INVESTMENT: As many of you know, I like to invest, invent, build things, and support those in need and good causes. My family, The Technical Traders, and many of you help with several charity fundraising events we put on each year. Our current way to help our kids, grandchildren, and the planet is by helping bring The Goldilocks Mission to life with an act of kindness and a small pledge.

UNIQUE REWARD: Those who pledge to the campaign can get some pretty cool rewards. For example, do you want your product seen on the TV series for global exposure? Well, there is a pledge for that. If you or your kids want to appear in an episode, you can do that also – imagine that! And if you want a printed limited edition collectible Goldilocks Mission Manual, then you can secure one of those right now also. Or maybe you want to help out and become part of entertainment history with your name in the credits and have bragging rights that you helped make the show a reality….if so, you can pledge any amount, and we would be very grateful for your kindness.

While this show is not a charity fundraiser, it is for a good cause. It’s to entertain first and foremost. But buried in the subtext are innovative technologies, methods, and education that can help the planet stay healthier and safer for us all to enjoy.

Shows we grew up with that have inspired this show are:

  • The Goonies
  • Star Trek
  • Stranger Things
  • Indiana Jones
  • Back To The Future
  • Lost In Space
  • The Matix
  • Interstellar
  • many more…

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  • Studio63, a powerhouse award-winning design firm, is to design and build props. Imagine props in the show with new devices and tech designed to reshape the world and practice the future now, much like Star Trek sparked innovations at NASA.
  • Also, this project, which we are running on the billion-dollar platform Kickstarter.com, has earned the coveted ‘Project We Love’ badge from their team. Now, we need your help to keep the momentum rolling as we enter the last ten days in our all-or-nothing sprint, every pledge and like/share propelling us closer to the stars!
  • The producer, John Geddes, has directed a top-grossing film for Staz Entertainment Lionsgate and also produced and sold ten featured films on Prime Video, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Starz, AMC, and other platforms. Plus, John is a lifelong friend of mine and is one of the kindest and hardest-working guys I know. He is one of the people who inspires me to look beyond my computer screens to see the world at large. His passion is contagious, and his utter conviction about how the Goldilocks Mission WILL help all humans become better caretakers of our planet is illuminating.’

To all of you who already supported, thank you, this will be fun!

And, if you haven’t joined the mission yet, now’s the perfect time to make and become part of entertainment history.

Thank you for your time, and happy investing!

Chris Vermeulen